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I am an ecosystem ecologist currently working at the Simon FS Li Marine Science Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, after spending 20 years in Australia researching its magnificent mangrove ecosystems.

My work as a scientist has taken me to most tropical marine environments of the world, particularly Southeast Asia.

Mangrove Crab
Laguncularia racemosa
An Outing
Sonneratia apetala
Giant Mangrove Tree

Research Interest

My research focuses on the trophodynamics and other functional aspects of tropical estuarine ecosystems. My recent work tries to emphasise the application of current scientific knowledge to the conservation of these ecosystems amidst rapid environmental changes, particularly in the tropical region.

I also study the biology and ecology of crustaceans, particularly brachyuran crabs.

Please contact me for PhD/Post-doctoral and collaboration opportunities.

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(852) 3943 3268

Room 102A

Simon F.S. Li Marine Science Laboratory

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sha Tin, New Territories

Hong Kong SAR, China

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Joe SY Lee | 李成業

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An Outing

An outing to the landward mangrove community at Lai Chi Wo with some students (mid 1990’s). The largest Derris trifoliata vines and Heritiera littoralis trees represent a unique community that demands continued protection. I had been wearing Stan Smith sneakers for over 10 years even then (Sorry, I don’t anymore). The FM2 SLR camera still works, however.