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Dr Xiaoguang OUYANG


MSc (Chongqing University, China); PhD (Griffith University, Australia)

I am a Postdoctoral fellow in Professor Joe Lee’s group. I obtained my PhD in the area of marine ecology from Griffith University, Australia. I was a visiting scientist from June 2016 to March 2018 at WasserCluster Lunz– Inter-university Centre for Aquatic Ecosystem Research, Austria. My research focuses on coastal wetland ecology, with recent interest in carbon cycling, ecosystem services and multi-criterion decision-making. I have published 13 papers in international journals, among which I was the first-author of 11. I have been acting as a reviewer for several international journals, including but not limited to Biogeosciences, Biology Letters and Science of the Total Environment.


Dr Felix LEUNG



BSc & MSc (Imperial College London, UK); PhD (University of Exeter, UK)

I am a Postdoctoral fellow in Professor Joe Lee’s group. I completed my BSc on Ecology and Environmental Biology and MSc on Forestry and Conservation in Imperial College London. I later did a PhD in University of Exeter and the Met Office on Climate change and Geography, my PhD thesis title is: Quantifying the impact of present-day and future tropospheric ozone on crop productivity at global and regional scale using JULES-crop. I learned how to run land surface model and analyze big data through the PhD.


I have been to some research expedition at exotic places such as Wakatobi National Park in Indonesia and Falkland Islands and Drake Passage. I am also a volunteer of an international environmental NGO called the Earth.org.

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Dr Fen GUO



BSc (Beijing Forestry University, China); MSc (Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China); PhD (Griffith University, Australia)

My work aims to elucidate the dominant organic carbon sources for animals, and how their transfer to upper trophic animals within and between ecosystems is affected by human disturbances (e.g. global warming, deforestation, eutrophication, secondary salinization, microplastics and other pollutants). I use biochemical markers, including fatty acids, stable isotopes and compound specific isotopes, and stoichiometry to explore the who eats whom mystery. My research brings together ecology, nutritional quality, biochemistry and animal physiology to answer broad ecosystem questions, and helps us better understand how human disturbances can affect fundamental ecosystem properties.


Dr Mingfeng LIU



BSc (Hubei University, China); MSc & PhD (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)


I completed my BSc in Geography Science, my MSc in Earth System Science and my PhD in Earth System and Geo-information Science. I love mangrove ecology and try to study this topic from geographical perspectives. My research work focuses on remote sensing and spatial analysis application on mangrove ecosystems, which is an interdisciplinary field combining spatial and historical information revealed from satellite images and GIS analysis with mangrove ecology. Currently I am working on long time-series change analysis of mangrove and coastal habitats based on multi-source remote sensing data.





BSc (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)


Being fascinated by the nature, my interest in biology began since childhood. After completing my BSc in Biology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and finishing a FYP about the ecology of microzooplankton, I worked on arthropods as an RA in a molecular genetics lab. Then, I was luckily shifted to Joe’s lab to study my PhD. I am now working on a project about the utilization of vascular plant materials by grapsoid crabs along the land-sea transition, involving microbiology, molecular and ecological biology. We would like to see how grapsoid crabs process the carbon sources since such ability of them had long been ignored.


Zhaoliang CHEN


BSc (Ocean University of China, China); MSc (University of Western Australia, Australia)

I’m Zhaoliang Chen. I graduated from Ocean University of China (OUC) in 2016 with a BSc in biological science. Afterward, I spent two years to study at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and got my master’s degree in marine biology. Now, I’m pursing my PhD in Chinese University of Hong Kong and joined Prof. Shing Yip Lee’s lab. My research interest is the ecology of tidal flats and mangroves. When not in the lab, I prefer to explore food in Hong Kong or play video games. If I have a long vacation, travel will always be my first choice.


Gabby GAO


BSc (Yantai University, China); MPhil (Xiamen University, China)


I am Gao Xueqin, I got my master's degree at Xiamen University in 2011, since then I worked as an RA there, fucusing on conservation and management of mangrove wetlands, Now I am pursuing my PhD in Chinese University of Hong Kong, and my research interest is in the behavior and ecological function of mangrove crabs.




BSc(Hons) (University of Queensland, Australia)

My background is largely in marine ecological studies, with involvement in ecological surveys and research of underwater habitats and mangrove systems in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. I have extensive interest in SCUBA diving, and am a licensed PADI Divemaster. My research interests are Marine Ecology, Ichthyology, underwater sound ecology, and conservation. I am inspired by a healthy admiration and appreciation of the ocean ecosystems and its inhabitants.


Michael MA


BSc (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)

I’ve had a wonderful time as an intern in local NGO on intertidal researches during my degree that mainly focused on bivalves and horseshoe crab studies. This creates my interest in intertidal and mangrove ecology. I would like to continue my work by joining the team to explore more on Hong Kong’s mangrove forest. Outside the lab, I love cooking and I don’t mind you to try some. :)


Yan Ping LOO


BSc (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR)

Having grown up in a megacity, I was not exposed to the nature very often, but I have always felt a passion for it. I am very grateful to have came to Hong Kong - where the nature is conveniently accessible, and where I discovered my love for the ocean. I am particularly interested in tropical and subtropical marine ecology. Outside work hours, I can usually be found outdoors kayaking, diving, hiking, or camping.


Rinaldi GOTAMA


BSc (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR)

Growing up in one of the fastest sinking cities in the world, I have witnessed first-hand how environmental destruction damages the livelihood of thousands, if not millions of lives. For as long as I could remember, I have been striving to change the world through scientific research in biodiversity and conservation. My current research aims to investigate the importance of 3-D structural complexity of small mangrove patches in providing nursery environment toward juvenile reef fishes in Hong Kong.


J Hei-nin KWONG



BHA (Chinese Medical University, Taiwan); MSc (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan)

I’m a Research Assistant fellow in Professor Joe Lee’s group at Simon FS Li Marine Science Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Fascinated by the marine world since I was a child, I learned diving and decided to throw myself into Oceanography. I finished my master degree in Marine Science in 2018 in Taiwan. My research focuses on the distribution and shell growth rings of giant clams.


Stanley HO



I am Ho Ying Kit Stanley, majoring in Environmental Science in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My prudence and optimistic personality give me motivation in working hard and performing tasks well, especially in learning and doing research. I would like to go hiking in my free time as it is a precious opportunity to get in touch with the nature and enjoy the picturesque scenery. During the journey, I would take photos of different plant and animal species, together with the natural environment. This makes me gain knowledge and interest in their ecological relationship. My research interest mainly focuses on the ecology of soft shores, especially the interaction between microphytobenthos and environment, while I also have deep interest in investigating terrestrial ecology and corresponding issue of environmental protection. Plastic ocean and surge of atmospheric carbon dioxide are believed to be the evilest problems on Earth. My motto “We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children” from a native American proverb always reminds me to think thoroughly about our future world, including our future generation. This inspires me to be an environmentally friendly person and act responsibly in everyday life.


Vincent TRAN



I am Vincent Tran, Year 4 Biology student at CUHK. I am currently working for the FYP project aimed to determine microphytobenthos spatial distribution of mangrove forest canopy under guidance by Prof Lee. I am interested in marine ecology and conservation biology as the ocean I believe, is the gift of our blue planet which offers so many fascinating creatures and resources to discover and, to protect. I served as an intern in Tanzanian YMCA to take a closer look on how people can co-exist with the mother nature through agroforestry and sustainable food production. Outside the lab and campus, I enjoy committing to education volunteer work and have been executive committee for a local outdoor learning NGO Mobile Schooling Limited.


Aaron CHU


This is Chu Ho Hin Aaron, a Final-Year Undergraduate majoring in Environmental Science. I am willing to learn things and integrate them, that is why I am minoring in Biology and Geography & Resource Management. I like reading books as well as joining ecological and environmental education programmes. I believe that chemistry, as a central science, serves as a connection between the physical world and biological nature. I am now investigating food diets of crabs by stable isotope analysis.

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