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Invited speaker

Public talk at National Library of Singapore


July 2019

Keynote address: A world without functional mangroves?

and member of Scientific Committee

Mangrove and Macrobenthos Meeting 5 (MMM5)


July 2019

Keynote address: Heroes or villains? The role of crustaceans in biogeochemical cycles

and member of Organising Committee

The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting 2019

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

May 2019

Keynote speaker

5th International Symposium and Workshop on Marine Ecosystem Services and Marine Spatial Planning & Management

Korea Maritime Institute, Seoul, Korea

August 2018

Keynote address: "Hard" versus "soft" on fast disappearing natural shorelines - what are we missing?

Eco-shoreline Workshop

The University of Hong Kong

May 2018

Invited speaker at the

College of Environmental Science and Engineering

Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

January 2018

Invited speaker

Blue Carbon Symposium

Korea Environment Management Corporation (KOEM), Korea

October 2017

Plenary speaker

ASEAN Mangrove Congress

Manila, the Philippines

July 2017

Speaker for Australia (one of two)

Australia-Malaysia Meetings Series 3, organised by the Australian Government

Australian Academy of Science and University of Malaya

October 2016

Keynote speaker

Taiwan National Wetland Congress


September 2016

Invited speaker

INTECOL 2016 Wetlands Conference

Nanjing, China

September 2016

Keynote speaker

Symposium on Restoration of Tidal Flats

Seoul National University, Korea

June 2016

Invited speaker

Workshop on Stable Isotopes in Marine Ecology and Forensic Food Science

Hanyang University, Korea

June 2016

Invited speaker

Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services session, Asian Ecosystem Service Partnership Conference

Ansan, Korea

June 2016

Keynote speaker

Second Korea-China Symposium on Environmental Health and Ecotoxicology (KCSEHE)

Seoul National University, Korea

April 2016

Organiser and invited speaker

International Symposium mangroves

Xiamen University, Zoological Society of London, and IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group

June 2016

Invited seminar speaker at

Seoul National University

June 2015

Invited speaker

Redbud Seminar series

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

April 2015

Invited seminar speaker and external PhD examiner at

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology

Bremen, Germany

March, 2015

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